Effective advertising to increase exposure and maximise direct bookings

Developing an appealing website is just the beginning

To get the best outcome from your website it’s imperative you engage in effective online marketing and promotional activity to support it. Online Tourism provides 4 outstanding marketing solutions to help you achieve maximum online exposure, increased visitors, more direct bookings, and greater profit and growth than you ever thought possible for your accommodation business.

1. Google Ads

Using our proven strategy for accommodation providers, we give you maximum exposure to potential visitors in Google search, placing you in the top 4 positions for your keywords. Not only does this give you instant reach to hundreds of visitors, but let’s you compete directly with the major OTA’s giving you the chance to grab the visitors attention first and take the booking direct. More direct bookings = less commission for OTA's and more profit for you! We run successful Google Ads campaigns for more than 70% of our clients every single month.

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2. Search Engine Optimisation

All of our websites are developed to incorporate on-page SEO at their core, meaning your website is already optimised for your specific keywords at a structural level which occurs during the building process. However, we can take this one step further with a fully comprehensive external SEO strategy, building links from a variety of external sources to help boost your accommodation property into the top positions in Google. This is not a short-term process and does require an investment in time and money, but the reward is well worth the effort! Over the last five years we have literally achieved thousands of Google page one rankings for clients Australia wide!

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3. Google Remarketing

The pinnacle service in Digital Marketing today, ReMarketing is a highly effective tool for the accommodation industry, allowing you to reach out to potential guests who have visited your website without actually finalising their booking. These days guests often visit numerous accommodation sites to explore their options before making a booking. Our highly targeted ReMarketing strategy helps convert these wayward visitors into confirmed bookings, by following their online activity through both Google and Facebook and reminding them of your great location, amazing deals and fantastic experiences your property has to offer!

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4. Social Media Marketing

The importance of social media to help promote and market your brand is unquestionable, but knowing what, when, how and where to post your content is often the question. Our social media marketing campaign takes the time and hassle of this process away from you. We create and share relevant content for your property on the most appropriate and engaging social networks to help expand your marketing message and reach a greater target audience online. Our strategy encourages readers to further share your content and get involved in discussion to enhance and reiterate your branding. Our campaigns can be setup generic or to promote a specific offer or event, and all with the purpose of driving potential guests directly to your primary website.

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