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We offer 5 pricing options depending on your website requirements. Our aim is to build you a professional website that will compliment your business at a respectable and affordable price.

1.  $2200 (using Online Tourism Essential design)
2.  $2970 (using Online Tourism Premium design)
3.  $3850 (using Online Tourism Platinum design)
4.  $4950 (using Online Tourism Ultimate design)
5.  $3850+ (using Custom Client design)

* All pricing is inclusive of GST

You’ll be required to pay a 50% deposit payment to commence development of your website. Once your website is completed, you’ll be invoiced the remaining 50% balance prior to the website going live.

Once we’ve received all the images and content from you, we can have your new website developed ready for launch within 2-4 weeks (depending on design style and our workload). As an added bonus, we’ll provide you with a link to your project on our development server so you can see the progress of your website throughout the building process!

Good Question! The answer is yes we can help you there. Most of our clients are happy to use our proven Online Tourism website themes. However, if you would prefer to have an alternative design (Custom Client design) this is fine too. We can even redevelop your existing website to look and feel the same as your ‘old’ site but with the latest technology! Contact us for more details

Yes – with all modern websites there are ongoing costs to consider. Online Tourism has developed a program called SiteCover which covers all ongoing costs for your website in one easy payment made monthly. This includes domain name renewal, website and email hosting, your SSL certificate, monthly website maintenance, and even website content updates! This means we manage your ongoing website requirements, so you don’t have to stress about your website and can focus your time and energy on running your accommodation business!

Website technology is constantly evolving, and this means your website requires regular updates to ensure it remains functional and current. In addition to regular monthly updates, we also run licensed security, up-time monitoring, and backup software which ensures your website is safe and secure, is always online, and helps prevent the likelihood of your website being attacked by hackers or spammers. Unfortunately we’ve seen this happen all too frequently, which is why we’re serious about the maintenance we undertake.

Yes – your website (and email accounts if chosen) will be hosted on our secure Australian servers. We have gone to great lengths to ensure we can provide you with fast, secure and reliable hosting, designed specifically to cater to the websites we develop and the demands of the Australian accommodation industry. Website and email hosting are an integral part of the SiteCover website management program.

Yes – If you’re a new business that hasn’t as yet registered a domain name then we’ll take care of this for you during the development of your new website. If you have an existing domain registered, we can organise to transfer the domain to our registrar so that we can manage the renewal of your domain name as part of the SiteCover program. This means you can get on with business without another website matter to worry about.

Absolutely.. Once the website is launched you’ll be provided with your Administrative login details. You can access the control dashboard of your website at any time if need be.

Yes – if you would like to make your own website content changes you certainly can. Once your website is launched, we’ll run through a 1-hour training session with you so that you’re comfortable to make these changes to your site if you wish. However, keep in mind that our SiteCover program covers any changes you need to make to your website content. This ultimately saves you the time and stress of having to make these changes yourself. This can be of particular use for major changes, such as adding or removing images, pages, navigation etc.

Yes – If you need to add an extra page to your website simply contact our support email with the details and we’ll get it done for you. This is also covered by SiteCover so there are no additional development costs. Client website updates are completed each Friday, so as long as you send your changes to us between Monday and Thursday they will generally be completed the same week.

Yes – your new website will include what’s called on-page SEO. This means we take care to ensure that every element of your new website is optimised to meet the requirements of Google. This includes your title and description tags for each page, your image tags, your website headings, and your website content are all optimised accordingly. We also include Keyword Research as part of our package to identify the most appropriate phrases to target for your website. We can also provide a detailed SEO service to help boost your visibility in the Google Search Engine – Contact us for pricing and more information.

We can connect your website with a variety of social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and TripAdvisor just to name a few! Let us know if you have these social media channels established, and we’ll connect these with your new website. We also offer a website add-on which is called Advanced Social Media providing more integration options and connectivity.

You bet! Google Analytics is a crucial tool for monitoring the online performance of your website. We install and configure Google Analytics as part of the website development process. Furthermore, we also install and setup Google Search Console which works in tandem with analytics to provide a complete picture of your website online. Don’t know much about these programs – no stress – we’ll also provide 1-on-1 training with you once your new website is live!

Yes – we provide detailed training to help you achieve the best possible success with your new website. In addition to walking you through how to edit your new website (if you choose to do so), we also provide in-depth training on both Google Analytics and Google Search Console, so you know exactly how, why, and when to use these tools.

Your new website will include booking integration, meaning we will connect your website with the channel manager/booking engine of your choice. If for some reason we currently don’t connect with yours, we’ll investigate as to whether we can or not. If you don’t use a channel manager but would like to start, we can suggest a range of providers to consider. Alternatively, we can develop and add a booking enquiry form on your new website.

There are a number of ways you can advertise or market your website to attract online visitors. We strongly suggest connecting with a range of third party channels such as Booking.com, Hotels Combined, Wotif etc, as they will help give your business exposure. If you would like instant exposure to your target audience, and a faster Return on Investment (ROI) we can provide Google Ads Management for you. This will place targeted text or image display ads in Google when visitors use selected keywords in the search engine. Contact us for pricing and more information.

No – we don’t see the need to make our clients sign physical contracts, however by engaging Online Tourism you agree to abide by our terms and conditions. Our SiteCover website management program is the most comprehensive and cost effective on the market, which is why our clients continue to partner with Online Tourism. However, you do have the option to move your website to an alternative hosting company after the first 12-months if you prefer, but please bear in mind that certain website plugins and software associated with the operation, security and maintenance of your website are licensed to Online Tourism, and would need to be re-licensed by you at your own expense if you were to move away from Online Tourism.

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